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We’ve spent some thirty years breeding a dairy goat that is strong, healthy, productive and . . . makes our hearts sing! We are truly gratified that we’ve been rewarded with some degree of recognition from the rest of the “goat world,” but our greatest satisfaction comes from having achieved our own visions. No, there is no perfect goat and we won’t pretend that we’ve reached that lofty goal (after all, the joy is in the journey) but we have reached a standard of quality and consistency.

You won’t find lots of show wins here; unlike some herds, showing has never been our highest priority. We strive for balance; good production and long lactations combined with excellent type . . . and show in only a few, fairly local shows. What we DO have is records; we’ve been on milk test for almost thirty years (never a dry period) and started appraising (classification) the first year it was offered in the Northwest.

At our August 2003 appraisal, we appraised 62 animals. 30 were 1st freshening 2-yr-olds (can't appraise over 89); 8 were 3-yr-old 1st fresheners, milking through (STILL can't go over 89 because they are still in first lactation); 4 were dry and 1 was a doe that aborted a month early but came into milk. 15 of these does appraised 90 - 92 (one of the 9's is a 2nd freshening 3-yr-old who has been milking 17 months). The other "stale" does, all still in first lactation went 86 (2 does) 87 (1 doe), 88 (2 does) and 89 (2 does). The appraised dry animals went 87 (2 does) and 88 (2 does). Our lowest scores were 84 (2 does), 85 (1 doe) and 86 (11 does) . . . and the rest were between 87 and 89. We doubt you can get more consistent that that in a herd as large as ours.

Herd milk production is a matter of record. You will find several of our bucks on the top 15% Alpine list . . . and quite a few young bucks near the top of the young sire development list.

One of the problems with not showing much is that we are lacking the wonderful pictures of clipped goats. This year I shall get some pictures taken, clipped or in the rough, as soon as the weather warms up and I can bathe them.

Sales Policy:

Prices are firm . . . but because we very strongly support both milk test and appraisal, substantial discounts will be given to herds that participate in these ADGA programs (if you aren’t, be warned; we’ll do our best to talk you into it!). We will also give discounts for multiple purchases. Buck kids will ordinarily be sold only out of proven does, but occasionally (after we’ve had time to fully assess mammary system and production) we might consider selling one out of a particularly promising 1st freshener). Note that we freshen most of our does for the first time at 2 years.

  • First come; first served.

  • Kids will be held only after a $75 deposit.

  • 2nd and 3rd choices are recommended

  • Kids must be picked up or shipped by 10 weeks of age and if you do pick them up, we’ll discount $50 (which we figure is the cost to drive to the airport for shipping.)

  • Shipping fees are buyer’s responsibility. Usually Portland is the best airport for shortest time in air.

  • We do reserve the right not to offer a kid for sale.

  • We reserve the right to purchase 25 straws for the cost of collection straws from any buck we sell.

Shari Reyna and Fred Warner

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